John Jack DAngelo

Tech Professionals

In Richmond, Vermont's dynamic tech arena, John Jack DAngelo is a figure of innovation and mentorship. His efforts in pioneering new technological solutions and nurturing emerging tech talent have earned him respect and recognition from business leaders and industry peers. Blending a steadfast focus on client success with a love for outdoor adventures and intellectual pursuits, he strikes a harmonious balance in both his personal and professional spheres.

His influence extends deep into Richmond's tech community, where he serves as an innovator and mentor, guiding budding tech professionals on their career paths. This mentorship places him at the heart of shaping the region's tech future.

Jack DAngelo is dedicated to keeping pace with the rapidly evolving tech landscape and continually hones his knowledge of the latest technology trends, coding methodologies, and user experience designs. This ensures that his clients in Richmond are constantly leveraging cutting-edge digital solutions.

A well-regarded speaker in Richmond's tech circles, he regularly enlightens audiences with insights at various industry events and workshops. His ability to simplify and communicate complex tech topics affirms his position as a knowledgeable and authoritative figure within the tech community.

With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from a top-tier institution, his academic foundation is solid, encompassing software development, data analysis, and advanced technological innovations. This educational background enables John DAngelo to deliver outstanding outcomes to his Richmond clients consistently.

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